Why I Always End Up Alone at the Movies


An awesome local theater I had the privilege of attending tonight.


I always end up alone at movies. No, it’s not because I hate crowds, only go to movies at weird times, or have no friends – good try though! I always end up alone at movies because I always watch the credits through to the end, even after everyone else has left.


Now, I’m sure you may be thinking, “well, yeah, I do that too, because the best part of the movie always happens after the credits roll”. And in fact, this is sometimes true – a quick nod to a sequel, a minor bit of fun, bloopers – these things can often be found at the very end of movies. There’s even an entire blog devoted to informing savvy movie viewers about these ‘hidden’ surprises, so they can plan their evening accordingly.

However, that’s not why I stay.

Now maybe I’m some sort of romantic. Maybe I’m crazy. But for me, the credits are the place where the HUNDREDS of talented people that come together to make an awesome movie receive their due. Each and every one of them had a hand in making this wonderful piece of media happen. And, in my opinion, they worked extremely hard to earn their 2 seconds of screen time.

Reading their name is the least I can do.

As someone who is working, and hopes to continue to work in the ever-growing field of media, I am constantly striving to build, create and develop new and different experiences for people. And someday, when I’ve put my blood, sweat, and tears into something that I feel is worth it, I hope that someone might see my name on one of these lists. That, for the briefest of moments, I can connect with those who’s lives I’ve now become a part of.

Maybe I’m some sort of romantic. And maybe I’m crazy. But at the end of the day, watching the credits of a movie is the least I can to to say “Hey, you. Yes, you, the one who poured some part of your life into this craft. Thanks. It means a lot.”

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2 thoughts on “Why I Always End Up Alone at the Movies

  1. Well, you’re certainly entitled to sit through those crappy, pasted-on pop songs to wait for the “Easter eggs”, but I’m a romantic for the days when movies got all those names out of the way at the beginning. That way you got on with the story, got lost in it, and left the theater still mentally wrapped in the world the film created for you.

    I do appreciate the work of all those hundreds of people. I worked in post-production for 23 years. In my experience, the only credit most of them cared about was having their name spelled right on the check. I sure never went to the movies to see my own name.

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