Weapon Design for a Prototyped Multiplayer Shooter

Class: Scout

Weapon Type: Magnum

Weapon: Colt Python

            The Scout is constantly pushing forward. Always moving into the unknown, the Scout needs a weapon that can be brought to bear quickly, to deal with threats as they become visible. Always on the move, the Scout also needs a lightweight weapon that packs a punch. The magnum fills this need handily. Providing six devastating shots, it can quickly dispatch multiple targets, and allow the user to keep moving forward at a rapid pace. The reliability of the magnum is also of benefit to a fast moving unit like the Scout. Even if the gun should jam, clearing it is as simple as rotating the barrel, keeping the Scout in the action until all targets are eliminated.

            The Colt Python is the classic .357 magnum. Produced by the venerable Colt Manufacturing Company, it stands as one of the best “combat magnums” in the world. The .357 caliber rounds hit hard, and the weapon itself is built to last. A perfect addition to the arsenal of any mercenary, the Python is certainly a great choice for fast moving units like the Scout.

Class: Medic

Weapon Type: Shotgun

Weapon: MAG-7

            The Medic is a front lines class, constantly under fire as they try to heal their wounded teammates. Running from place to place, never sure how many combatants await, the Medic requires a powerful weapon that can quickly dispatch close range threats. A shotgun seems to be the perfect fit for this role, giving the wielder close quarters firepower, which can easily take down a threat. Another advantage of carrying a shotgun is its ability to be reloaded on the fly, replacing shells as they are used. This gives the Medic the ability to replace used munitions quickly, or in between healing, instead of waiting for the full reload a rifle requires.

            The MAG-7 fits this role well. A compact, almost pistol like weapon, the MAG-7 is ultraportable, and easily concealed behind a medical coat. It is quick to bring to action, and allows for easy switching between death dealing and life bringing. Favored by pirates, and others of questionable moral standing, it is a battle tested and easily obtained weapon, perfectly suited to the front lines of mercenary conflict.

Class: Saboteur

Weapon Type: Dual Knives

Weapon: DUSTAR Model 1 Arad (x2)

            The Saboteur is certainly the most brutal of the classes. Using mines and other questionable military tactics, the Saboteur is no stranger to combat, and has moved beyond the need for conventional firearms, preferring the “up-close and personal” nature of knives for combat. Always on the move, trying to infiltrate the enemy’s ranks, the Saboteur requires a silent, powerful weapon. A pair of razor sharp blades allows for the quick removal of threats along a path, and can also instill fear into the enemy, two major goals of the Saboteur.

            The DUSTAR Model 1 Arad knife is a beautiful blade, manufactured in Israel, and tested amongst the soldiers there. Simple, and durable, it can easily stand up to the rigors of battle, and holds an edge wonderfully, allowing for hundreds of devastating cuts before needing sharpened. Though not intended to be carried as a set, a pair of these blades function admirably as the Saboteur‘s central weapons, dealing death at every turn.

Class: Machinist

Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle

Weapon: VSS Vintorez

            The Machinist is the slowest of the classes, and is primarily designed to shore up defenses and support the team from the rear. His abilities include the construction of barricades, which make perfect ambush or defensible positions. As such, the Machinist requires a weapon capable of providing effective covering fire for his teammates from the rear of the group, utilizing the cover he creates to more easily pull off meaningful or game changing shots. A sniper rifle allows him to do just that, allowing an ease of combat even with his slow movement, and the ability to quickly jump between construction and combat roles at range.

            The VSS Vintorez is a good weapon for this role mainly due to its compact size and durability. Hailing from Russia, the weapon is reputed to be built to last, and to perform in even the harshest of conditions. It is also built to be quite portable, an important feature in a battlefield that is constantly shifting. The inclusion of a built in silencer provides a measure of protection for the wielder as well, giving them a chance to avoid detection if a shot is effectively taken.

All in all, the VSS gives the Mechanist a tough, powerful weapon with which to protect his team, with the added benefit of silenced operation.

Class: The Vet

Weapon Type: Submachine Gun

Weapon: Modernized Thompson Submachine Gun

            The Vet is a relic of wars gone by. A soldier hardened by combat, the Vet is a constant source of inspiration to the squad. As the leader on the field, the Vet needs a weapon that can see him through a variety of situations, keeping pace with the movement of the team. A submachine gun (SMG) allows for deployment in a variety of situations, providing rapid fire when necessary, while still allowing for more precise single shots if so desired. The smaller size of the SMG allows the Vet to easily enter vehicles, another assigned duty.

            The Thompson submachine gun is a relic of combat during World War 2. A devastating weapon at the time, the Thompson is still able to provide excellent results, due to the formidable .45ACP round it fires. This particular Thompson has been rescued from the throes of old age, and has been modernized to facilitate the battlefields of today. Using a blend of modern synthetics and original parts, this is quite possibly the most durable SMG in the world, a perfect choice for the Vet.

Class: Specialist

Weapon Type: Assault Rifle

Weapon: Type 56 Assault Rifle

            The Specialist has recently distanced herself from the Yakuza, but is most comfortable wielding a standard issue assault rifle. An extremely durable weapon, the assault rifle is the quintessential modern firearm, providing powerful automatic fire in a lightweight package. The Specialist is the main fighting class, and is expected to be able to effectively combat anyone on the opposing team. A well rounded weapon like the assault rifle allows for a variety of combat styles, and engagement at various ranges.

            The Type 56 is the Chinese copy of the venerable AK-47, a weapon which needs no introduction. The Type 56 operates as expected, and carries the majority of the traits of its Russian cousin, including its durability and power. The Type 56, however, is far easier to acquire, and is the standard issue firearm for the majority of eastern nations. A simple and effective weapon, the Type 56 can hold its own on the front lines of modern warfare.

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