And the stories never end.

Hello again. I broke my promise. I didn’t write. I hope you can forgive me. Maybe not. Oh well. Anyway, a little about what I’ve been doing, besides not writing witty posts on this here blog. I started a new quarter at college, began the process of getting a Co-Op for the summer (YES!), and generally have been busy as of late. I am enrolled in several project-based classes, which means I have obligations to no less than 3 different groups of people at any given time. I also am planning to travel to Massachusetts this weekend for a game conference hosted by a college there, which offers us another chance to show off our game, U.S.B. So that’s me. What’s new with you guys? Go ahead, I’ll wait. Ok, done. Well, here is a link for you! This is a paper on real-time physics calculations in the game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Quite interesting, if a little deep at some points (Or most of them…). Enjoy!


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