Kinect Ideas

At the 10 year celebration for the IGM Department at RIT, the department head offered each professor a Kinect sensor, if they developed something for it. My dev team, Man and Coffee Games, is trying to come up with some ideas for what to do. My idea is something involving the FPS on Kinect. using a simulated plastic weapon for lifelike battlefield control. Reloading would be accomplished by reloading. Aiming would be done by aiming. Trigger pulls equate to shots downrange. There really isn’t a good FPS experience on Kinect yet, but I think that with the right amount of polish, and working controls, it could definitely be done. One major challenge would be movement, which is always a problem with interactive games. No one really wants to walk all the way that there character does. So we might be working on this soon. Now, to find a professor!


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