The Code Rush

So, it’s been quite some time  since I have posted to this here blog, but I’ve been pretty busy. Final quarter is putting the squeeze on, forcing me to restructure much of my time.

However, I digress. Code is fun. Even when it’s made in a frantic attempt at success. Last night, it was discovered that a portion of my team game project was completely unfinished. This led to an evening of online collaboration and quickly implemented code. We finished with few minutes to spare. I slept soon after. But this harrowing event led me to realize that I seem to enjoy coding more than I remember. The thrill of the challenge, running into untested waters, and making something that works. This is the job I seek. This is the path I wish to ,pursue. If something as simple as an unfinished project gets my blood running like it did, I feel that this industry may in fact be for me.

I was a little unsure if Game Design was the right field for me to choose. I had little training in the use of code or coding practices. My only knowledge stemmed from a half semester class on the (extreme) basics of python, a low level language. However, I also knew that I had a passion for games that was greater than all other forms of entertainment. I (possible unfortunately) live and breathe games, and constantly play all forms of them. But this love, I reasoned, might not be enough to propel me through an entire degree program, especially at a college level. The plunge was taken, though, in disregard of all other sane thoughts about higher education. I just couldn’t see myself doing anything else. And now, here I am, loving what I’m doing.

*Update: Quad Trees are hard…


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