First Person Perspective: A study?

I was talking to my roommate last night about video games, as usual, and we began discussing the problems associated with the modern “first-person” perspective that is popular today. It seems odd that in a market where things move at a blisteringly fast pace, that problems are cleared up within a few short cycles of the industry. However, the fact remains that modern first person perspective(FPP) is deeply flawed. In most popular shooters today: COD, I’m looking at you…the character you control is only a floating set of arms with a gun. No legs, no torso, just arms. Now, I don ‘t know about you, but when I look down, I generally see most of my torso(minus the neck, naturally), and the entirety of my legs. I can also look to the right or left and see my shoulders. Body awareness, that’s what it’s all about. And yet, the only game that I have ever seen even attempt to give you legs is Halo. But even these legs are flawed, since you only see from the waist down….still no chest. So why is this? Why haven’t we evolved the character design to include these important part of our anatomy? I don’t know, but maybe I can find out. Talking to the professors here, as well as some industry professionals, I might find an answer. Stay tuned on that.

Now, however, is my idea of a start. I would like to, at some point, conduct a study of the FPP through the use of a small camera, and see the world from a subconscious first person view. All that is necessary is a small button camera and a means to attach it to the relative center of my eyes, above the bridge of my nose. I think the video from even one day’s worth of activities would be enlightening for any programmer to see, and help in the development of better tools for a realistic First Person game in the future.


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